My Quilt Collaboration with Tina Curran

OK, so the only thing I can sew is curtains and pillow cases because they require a straight line. I never thought I’d have a hand in anything as beautiful as this!

But I talked with my friend, fellow NU alum and master quilter Tina Curran, and we came up with this idea: to collaborate on a quilt based on phases of my life. I looked through my photographs and picked a photo of the Northwestern clocktower (representing Evanston and my Alma Mater), Half Dome in Yosemite, a moose, and Tina found some cool fabric of a mama and baby owl to represent me and Miranda.

As an aside: our surname was changed from Moos to Moss before I was born. The correct German pronunciation is Moze, but in the U.S. people said “Moose” so that became our family symbol.Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.58.47 AMI Photoshopped the images to make them “artsy” then uploaded them to to create the fabric. Tina told me the images had to be at 3″ with a border to stitch them into the quilt. Since I only needed a couple of squares of each, I ordered a “Fat Quarter” at 21″x18″ which was under $10 and had a lot left over. I was very happy with the way the fabric turned out from Spoonflower and would highly recommend them for fabric projects.

Tina collaborated with me every step of the way, checking in with me re: colors, fabrics, even down to the edging and thread color. It was a very positive, fun experience. But believe me, Tina did all the hard work!

In the end, I received an artisan quilt that now can be passed down for generations. A true family heirloom.




Hanging pocket was wide enough to use an old walking stick as a quilt hanger:


Fully installed next to my desk so I can enjoy during the day!