On Being Vegan

So, now it is the start of the year and I’ve gone off animal products for six months.  I did it for my cholesterol numbers, which were in the danger zone.  After 10 weeks of no animal products, my TCL dropped by 96 points.  I was so amazed.  And yes, I shed the weight and feel like I’m finally in that “normal” zone.  Although I would like to lose the last twenty.

I’m not going to say that I’m completely vegan. Every now and then I will have fish–maybe once or twice a month.  If I go to the coffee shop (again, about once a month), I may have a milk latte, but I’m trying to stick to soy lattes.  They’re not so bad.

Raisins and Sunflower seeds – a quick snack!

The hardest part of being vegan is that you really have to cook for yourself.  I’ve never been a cook. I like things fast. My philosophy: I don’t have time for that ***!  But I found that when I opened myself up to preparing my own meals, it’s basically like going to a restaurant where you can order ANYTHING YOU WANT instead of sticking to a menu.  With the internet, I can think of any dish and find a recipe for it.  Tonight I want a rice dish, or maybe beets. Or both.  I’ve learned to keep my fridge stocked with staples and shop each day for that night’s dinner. It’s actually been fun.

Another hard thing is snacking. I’m a snacker. Especially at night while watching TV.  Most “fast” foods are crap: chips, popcorn, etc. I used carrots for a long while, and still use them along with celery and other raw veggies. I started a PINTEREST BOARD for Vegan Fast Food ideas, so I wouldn’t grab those tortilla chips off the supermarket shelf!  Take a look and add some if you want!

I do think the secret is to give yourself some slack. As long as you’re eating right 98% of the time, sure, have that one slice of pumpkin loaf at Starbucks. But NOT every day!