Trigger Warnings


I actually experienced a trauma trigger the other night from a TV show. A scene triggered a memory from my childhood and I cried. I sat and comforted myself until it was over and continued to watch the show. Before this, I was against the whole “Trigger Warning” thing. After it, I’m still against it. I’m not going to write the network and say, “How dare you not know that the XYZ scene in your show could trigger MY trauma? You didn’t let me know! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!” They’re not. And I’m sure they couldn’t care less. In fact the writers would be like, “Good! We touched a nerve. We made you feel.” That’s the goal of every writer.

I believe each person is responsible for his/her own mental health. At that point, I could have turned the show off or fast forwarded until that particular scene was over. I chose to muck through it. That’s how I cope. And by the end of the episode I was fine. Yes, the memory came through–something I hadn’t thought about for years. Yes, it hurt me. Yes, I cried. Now it’s 35 years later and I’m okay. It’s not happening anymore.
We can’t possibly label everything that may be a trigger for everyone and I think it’s gotten out of hand…
Always open to discussion.